My First Novel Finally Published Right!

“Animal Krackers” – The Krack Detectives Series (Vol. 1, Ver 2) – is a suspenseful psycho-thriller full of twists and turns on every page. Though most facts are scary, a few can be amusing at times. However – BEWARE! – The narcissistic reasons for these senseless deaths will rock you to your very core. The innocent lives tragically … needlessly … and horrifyingly taken, is inspiring fright and emotionally shocking to the community’s moral sensibilities. Fear was running amuck throughout New York City.

Though the methodical way this ingenious mastermind plotted to commit these senseless mass-murders is thoroughly insane, it would still be a brilliant achievement, considering the stakes, should he or she pull it off. The NYPD detectives were dealing with a unique and highly intelligent, rational, psychopathic murderer. He wasn’t your average run-of-the-mill, train-yard-hitch-hiking, drugged-up serial killer.

No one could possibly guess the who done it and why in this so-called, ancient religion mystery—in enough time—to stop the shocking gruesome murder of the last, most important, well-know, well-loved and well-respected chosen victim – only known as the Father.

animal krackers  cover 400 dpi 669 X 969

ANIMAL KRACKERS – The Krack Detectives Series, Vol 1 – Ver 2